An educator is person who wants to operate their own home-based childcare business with the support and professional expertise of the Co-Ordination team.


Often educators want to work from home so they can spend more time with their own children. They embrace difference and have a respect for the diversity of culture and indivisual needs of children and their families.


We are actively recruiting educators right now. Our services can walk you through the process, we supply resources such as transport (baby seats, boosters) including home safety and we are happy to loan you other “tools of the trade” to get you started.


We have a free, fully resourced playgroup each week on premises, educator and parent newsletters; educational workshops and trainings, programs for children, educator celebration dinner, morning teas and much more.


The qualities we look for in the ideal educator is a person who

Can offer care that is warm, caring and friendly
Can provide a nurturing, safe and educational environment for children
Has a home that is healthy and hygienic
Has the ability to create interesting learning experiences which has a focus on each child's unique interest and strengths

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