How do I place my child in care?

To place your child in one of our trusted and qualified educators care, simply call our head office on 02 9892 3915 and speak to one of our friendly staff who are here to help you.


If you already know which educator you want to place your child in, you are able to communicate directly with the educator.

How much will it cost to place my child into care?

This will vary depending on the educators who cares for your child. Each educator has varying fees and operational hours. It ranges from $6.00 – $12.00 per hour.


There is also a family levy that is charged and it is collected by the educator, in addition to the educator's fee.

Can I access Child Care Benefits and Child Care Rebate?



Our service is CCB/CCR approved which means if your family is eligible the government maybe able to cover some of your child care costs.

Do you have playgroups?

Yes, our Head office located in Guildford is equipped with an indoor play area. Our coordinators run fortnightly play sessions with the educators and their children in care.


If an educator wishes to bring the children in care, they are able to give the office a friendly call to book a spot.


We also offer the playgroup to educators who would like to attend on special occasions or on regular days.

What is the difference between family day care and ‘centre-based’ care?

Because family day care takes place within the an Educator’s home it is ideal for young children and babies. A small group of children means your child will receive one to one attention whenever it is needed. The small group also allows friendships between children to develop quickly.


Family day care is the calm, personal family-like alternative to childcare centres. Your educator gets to know your child and your family in a way that a large childcare centre cannot.

How many children can an educator have in care?

Under the Regulations, an educator is allowed to care up to 7 children. However, taking into consideration the ratio of age groups, children between the ages of 0-4 (in-home care) a maximum of 4 children are allowed and between the ages of 5-13 (school age) a maximum of 7 children are allowed at one time.


E.g. If an educator cared for 3 in-home care children, then the educator would be only allowed to care for 4 school age children.

What qualifications will I need to be an Educator?

As an educator you will need to be either studying or have completed a Certificate III in Children’s Services or an advanced course such as Diploma in Early Children Care.


You will also need to have First Aid and Asthma and Anaphylaxis as well as a Working with Children’s Check (WWCC).

Do we provide training?



At Forever Family Day Care, we provide our educators with the all the necessary training required. This include First Aid, Child Protection, SunSmart, Nutrition, Programming and many more.

What role does the scheme play?

Forever Family Day Care aims to provide children and families with care in a warm and loving environment from the homes of our selected educators. We aim to assist educators to create and maintain safe and healthy environments in their homes so that the children they care for can feel that they are comfortable, respected and worthy of quality care.

Why Forever Family Day Care?

Forever Family Day Care endeavors to provide ongoing advice, support, training and education to staff, educators and families within our service to assist in providing quality home based care for children of all ethical and social economic background.


With our numerous office location, it gives educators and families the flexible access of communicating with our staff in person.